Our CEO, Javier Glatt's thoughts on why we are building and looking into the future of the construction industry.
The goal of
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We recently held a product update and customer spotlight event. It was awesome. I was proud to be a part of it and I'm proud to work with such amazingly talented teammates building the future. There is nothing quite like seeing customers use your product and share their feedback on how its making difference in their lives (check out the recording at the bottom of this post). I wanted to grab an excerpt from yesterdays introduction and post it here, basically sums how I feel about cmBuilder as a product and what the future entails...

We believe cmBuilder is an important project that is built with underlying features and technology that is net/new to the world, and necessary to help scale digitization within the vast number of under-digitized General Contracting and Construction Management firms.

We have a simple goal...To build an operating system for construction planning and make it accessible for everyone.

What do we mean by an operating system for construction planning?

An end to end digital toolkit allowing you to easy model and simulate your construction site setup, logistics and sequencing, automatically calculate costs, run rapid scenario analyses integrate and/or generate a construction schedule and generate better data to drive effective decision making, resulting in better outcomes, much faster. GC's and CM's are in the client services business which ultimately means they are selling an experience and an outcome, this operating system transforms client.

What do we mean by accessible?

  1. Accessible technology: 100% web-based so you can access from any smart device via the internet, no need to manage any locally installed software at all and have IT involved, its not simply another web viewer...its a viewer plus real time editor. This puts the product directly in the hands of decision makers themselves, superintendents, preconstruction professionals, project managers, etc. to do the job.
  2. Accessible from a collaboration perspective: Share links not files. Frictionless sharing of data and intelligence with project stakeholders with a click. No cumbersome requirement for all users to get credentials (unless you formally onboard them to into your tenant), the project stakeholders can just click the link and press play right from your client's browser, done.
  3. Accessible from an ease of use perspective: We are significantly lowering the barrier of entry to work in 3D/4D/5D, with cmBuilder you don't need to be a ninja to use the program its easy to use and built for the techies and non techies alike.
  4. Accessible from a cost and business model perspective: We are innovating and building as much of the tech stack as possible to keep the costs down and in turn be able to pass on the savings to the customer with a lower price. Let's face it, price is a big factor at most companies and as technology has evolved in the construction industry, prices have only gone up, we are challenging this head on.

All subscription levels have unlimited users within your organization so that adoption can scale viral within the organization. Continuous deployment of the web application means you pay the subscription fee and the product keeps getting better and better with "over the air updates". Go to bed at night, login the next day and the product is better. Repeat.

In summary we are delivering a high value, low effort and low cost solution for the construction market and its really starting to gain traction in the market!

But this is only the beginning...

If we gaze into the future we can foresee a very different construction industry and a very different construction site.

With the projected further adoption of off site manufacturing, advanced means and methods, semi-autonomous and fully autonomous equipment and temporary resources onsite, the construction industry will soon find itself in a similar place the advanced manufacturing industry was in 20+ years ago with the adoption of PLC's and other simulation software products to help drive the operations of the factory...

If this future state is indeed true, our industry will have a similar technology need. The construction site of the future will need a strong simulation engine which can connect the digital twin with the physical world via the internet and made available by any project stakeholder from the device in their it a "brain" that orchestrates the chaos into orderly flow. We believe if we can continue to work closely with our customers and build out the core cmBuilder simulation features along with our underlying technology web engine, we will be uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity, extending past precon and directly into execution side of the the "brain" of the future construction site.

Watch the recording of the full event here:

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