For Fabricators

Digital Fabrication Twin Services

From solving valuable construction coordination challenges to enabling  Construction 4.0 using Digital Fabrication Twins.
Over the last half decade we've developed a modular solution offering that includes a combination of services and software.



Starting from the 2D PDF drawings, we use the same inputs that the trades, general contractor, and fabricators to develop our Digital Twins

2D Consultant or Trade Drawings

Engineering Specifications

Other inputs from project stakeholders

CadMakers uses 2D PDF drawing as inputs



We have armed our experienced engineers with CadMakers' process and technology to develop Digital Twins for all disciplines accurately and efficiently.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) 

Coordination Meetings

Automation solutions

CadMakers process and technology to develop digital twin



Once the Digital Twin is developed there are a multitude of outputs that can be generated using the detailed model.

Virtual construction study reports outlining identified constructability issues

File-to-factory outputs

Assembly and fabrication drawings

Bills of Material

Digital twin model export hosted on our 100% web-based viewer

4D, 5D Construction Simulations & optioneering studies

Virtual construction study report

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