Back enhances construction planning with its latest integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud, streamlining 3D model syncing and 4D simulation workflows.
cmBuilder Elevates Construction Planning with Enhanced Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration
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The latest integration introduces seamless linking and syncing of 3D models between cmBuilder and Autodesk Construction Cloud, streamlining construction simulation workflows.

Burnaby, Canada —, a fast-growing leader in innovative, 100% web-based 4D construction planning solutions, announces the launch of the next phase of integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud®, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams. This enhanced integration allows project teams to link and import 3D models (including revisions) managed in Autodesk® Build, Autodesk® Docs, and BIM 360®, with cmBuilder, offering new levels of efficiency in construction planning and management.

The integration addresses a key challenge in the construction industry: the need for a more streamlined, cohesive approach to managing complex 3D models and 4D simulations across different platforms. Users can now effortlessly sync changes and updates in 3D models stored in Autodesk Construction Cloud into cmBuilder. The 4D simulation then automatically updates, ensuring all stakeholders can leverage the latest project data, ultimately reducing the risk of errors, saving time, and enhancing overall project collaboration.

Javier Glatt, Co-Founder & CEO of CadMakers, developer of the cmBuilder platform, expressed excitement about this development, "Our enhanced integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud represents a significant leap in streamlining 3D and 4D site logistics simulation workflows. Many of our customers use Autodesk Construction Cloud to store and manage their BIM data. By allowing our users the ability to directly link and sync their 3D models to cmBuilder, we're not only making the process faster but also paving the way for more rapid iteration using the latest and greatest data, thereby improving the overall construction planning process."

“Complex projects benefit from enhanced simulations by helping teams address errors early on in the preconstruction process and minimizing rework during execution,” said James Cook – Director – Industry & Technology Partnerships at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “cmBuilder has made those simulations even more powerful by enhancing their integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud to synchronize up-to-date 3D models for improved visualization of project sequencing, phasing, and site logistics, enhancing overall project efficiency and coordination.”

This integration is a testament to cmBuilder's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. The new functionality is expected to significantly improve the planning, building, and operation phases of construction projects, reinforcing cmBuilder's position as the next industry leader in construction planning and simulation technology.

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cmBuilder's continued work with Autodesk Construction Cloud highlights its dedication to harnessing the power of technology to advance the construction industry. The company looks forward to further enhancements that will drive innovation and efficiency in construction project planning, simulation, and delivery all over the world.

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