Introducing our newest product, cmBuilder: a web-based platform that makes dynamic construction planning and simulation easier than ever before.
Now Every Builder Can Go Digital with
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We set a goal — to significantly lower the entry barrier of going digital for construction planning and execution while simultaneously making a product that people truly love and enjoy working with. This goal was a result of our own experience and the feedback from our clients who expressed the intent of going digital and the importance of innovation in the construction industry but were unable to find a platform that suited all their needs at an affordable cost.

So we built a smart builder for a digital tomorrow — the cmBuilder. It is a web-based platform that makes dynamic construction planning and simulation easier than ever before!

After many reiterations, trials, and tribulations, as well as a lot of very helpful feedback from customers who were nice enough to test it for us, we finally launched cmBuilder on the 15th of September! Despite some technical difficulties, we came out of our first attempt at live streaming an event feeling pretty good because ultimately its the product that was on display, and we were able to show that cmBuilder could cause a shift in how projects are planned and simulated. cmBuilder has a multitude of features that makes it convenient for anyone to create, simulate and collaborate on construction plans like never before:

Web-Based Parametric Modeling
Full suite of parametric modeling tools that will not only enable better design for construction but also ensure that you’re enjoying working while you’re at it!

Construction Milestone Management
Watch your construction plans come to life as you simulate each step of your journey and visualize how each of your major milestones looks at each point.

One-Click Share
Share your 3D site plans, Gantt charts, cost updates, 4D simulations and more to any client or shareholder and they can view it on any of their smart devices. This is definitely the kind of mobility and access you want to provide to all your customers as well!

And while those are our top features, it doesn’t end there. Here are some other that we think you’ll find super useful:

  • 3D Site Plan Auto-Synced to Gantt for Rapid Scenario Analysis
  • BIM Model Management on the Cloud
  • Excavation Planning: 3D Modeling and 4D Simulation
  • Company Cost Database

If you already want to get started just go to and activate your free trial right away!

Here’s a glimpse of our event — you can see Javi and Pedro taking us through the demo and we don’t want to make you feel bad, but we also had homemade cakes and cupcakes to celebrate the launch!!

In pictures: Javier Glatt, our CEO and co-founder talking about the changing landscape of the construction industry and the need for cmBuilder in these times, product demo of all features, makeshift studio at our new office space and homemade cupcakes and cakes for all employees.

Here’s the full recording of the live-streamed launch event:

You can also watch it on our YouTube channel — and don’t forget to leave us some feedback on what you thought about it! We apologize for the audio quality and we’ve tried to make up for it by getting the subtitles right! The presentation can be accessed here.

And since the demo is the most important bit of the session we re-recorded it with clear audio — you can check it out here.

We’re quite happy with what we’ve got here but we’re always looking to improve so we’d love for you to try and let us know how we could make it better for you! Book a cmBuilder demo by directly blocking some time on our team’s calendar or start a free trial today on!