CadMakers today announced that, the digital site planning and simulation platform built by CadMakers, has now been used to simulate over 700 projects from across the globe since being launched on September 15th, 2020. Preconstruction teams are increasingly transforming their processes in the pursuit phase or early project planning to reduce risk, optimize temporary resources and provide enhanced visualization in a short time period using the core simulation engine of cmBuilder. The ability to rapidly run various scenarios (1 crane vs 2 crane, different site access points, etc.) and share live links with project stakeholders via the cloud database, makes cmBuilder easy to implement, use and collaborate.
Leading Preconstruction Teams are Rapidly Adopting
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Burnaby, British Columbia — August 17, 2021

CadMakers today announced that, the digital construction site planning and simulation platform first launched publicly on September 15th, 2020, has now been used to simulate over 700 projects all across the globe. Preconstruction teams are increasingly transforming their processes in the pursuit phase or early project planning to reduce risk, optimize temporary site resources and provide enhanced visualizations using the core simulation engine of cmBuilder. The ability to rapidly simulate various site configurations and sequencing scenarios, while being able to share live links with project stakeholders, makes cmBuilder easy to implement, use and collaborate.

Making Construction Site Simulation Accessible for Everyone

General Contractors and specialty trades adopting cmBuilder to simulate site logistics include:

Urban One Builders - Vancouver, BC, Canada-based full service construction company and leader in mass timber construction, focused on multi-family residential, mixed-use, commercial and institutional projects.

Decode Group - A leading Sydney, Australia construction company founded in 2008. As a diversified organization, Decode covers the full spectrum of the property industry, develop, design, construct.

Knutson Construction Services - More than a century old, the Minneapolis, MN based Knutson Construction Services has grown into a full-service regional construction firm that provides preconstruction, general contracting, construction management, and design−build services.

California Drywall - Ranked the 5th largest wall and ceiling contractor in the nation and the largest in California. The San Jose, CA based company has approximately 900 full-time field personnel, and the largest union drywall, taper, lath, and plaster workforce in the region.

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors - Texas-based General Contractors focused on delivering facilities that enhance their communities. Founded in 1959, they have a vast range of specialties who provide comprehensive and creative solutions that move traditional boundaries.

JTM Construction - Seattle based General Contractor delivering construction from concept to completion. Building relationships on trust and reliability and providing expertise in multiple market sectors.

Coffrage Santco - One of the largest formwork contractors for concrete structures and superstructures in Quebec which carries out medium and large-scale projects, however complex they may be, and stands out for its professionalism, experience, and the quality of its work.

KCS West, Inc. - A subsidiary of Kajima USA, and based on the west coast in Los Angeles, CA, KCS West has constructed a variety of projects ranging from commercial hi-rises to hi-tech manufacturing facilities, to special-use entertainment/sports, hospitality, residential and educational facilities.

Bridgehead Consultancy - Part of the UK based Munnelly Group, Bridgehead  provides organizations with a bespoke approach to project delivery whose services have been designed to provide clear pre-construction advice, site planning and guidance that utilizes the latest in planning technology.

Buttcon Limited - A 100% employee-owned Canadian General Contractor based just outside of Toronto, ON. With over 40 years of experience, Buttcon is recognized for high-quality workmanship, innovative solutions and a fine-tuned ability to fast-track projects.

The vast majority of preconstruction teams at scale are using outdated and inefficient technology. Existing products in the market are too complex and too expensive, therefore there has been no easy and fast way to simulate construction site logistics in 4D. Not anymore. cmBuilder is a web platform that makes it easy for users to digitally simulate the construction process and accurately bid, plan and win projects.

With a compelling pricing model and a focus on ease of use, cmBuilder is providing accessibility not seen before in the AEC industry, putting powerful tools in the hands of preconstruction professionals to do the work themselves, providing an immediate impact. The 100% web-based product allows users to:

     - Model in 3D directly in your web browser.

     - Simulate construction sequencing and temporary resources in 4D.

     - Quantify elements automatically.

     - Share data and intelligence with live links, frictionless accessibility from any smart device.

The cmBuilder team believes that in the future every single construction project of scale will be simulated digitally first before live construction. For this to happen, users need tools that are easy, fast, and affordable, the exact value proposition of cmBuilder.

"cmBuilder is an interface that leads to better and more efficient construction planning. You can be more accurate with simulating real-world conditions, and then you can share the result easily with a mobile web viewer that democratizes access to the model. People used to need an expensive computer and software, lots of time and knowledge to get access to project models. Now, the game has changed." Brent Olund, VP Sustainable Construction, Urban One Builders

"We needed to find a low-cost solution to create 4D simulations in the pursuit phase. We examined cmBuilder, were very impressed with the renderings and determined that the program and the people running the company would be good partners." Paul Christen, Director of Preconstruction, KCS West, Inc.

"The construction world is increasingly going digital from project conception to completion, adopting data-driven and intelligent processes in place of paper and files. But preconstruction professionals want to adopt more sophisticated tools but they wont do it unless those tools are super fast, easy to use for non-technical users and accessible to the whole team." said Javier Glatt, Co-Founder & CEO of CadMakers. "Since launching in September last year, we are seeing significant growth in users and companies adopting the cmBuilder platform. We have developed a strong product market fit and an attractive value proposition for the thousands of preconstruction teams wanting to model and simulate site logistics and planning in 3D and 4D, replacing their 2D digital paper workflows or even pen and paper."

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