Our Services


3D Digital (or Virtual) Construction Services
  • Descriptor of our service 3D conflict study services. Portal to upload drawings on to us on the right panel for a quote.
  • Final sentence describes that this step can lead into the next service prefab
Construction Process Simulation

Kinematic, time motion studies to assess assembly sequences and assess for risk, safety and optimized process planning inclusive of resource and material allocations.

Prefabrication Execution Services
  • Mass Timber Modeling for fabrication
  • MEP Modeling for prefabrication
Facade Automation Services

Connecting design to fabrication with automated scripting for rapid cost analysis, direct to fabrication 3D modeling and BOM to ERP management and workflow automation. C# and SQL development and integrations.

Custom Automation Tools

We develop tools for all kinds of use cases and workflows, some examples: Light timber frame (Floor joists, walls, roof truss systems), Mass timber (Glulam columns and beams, CLT), MEP prefab spooling templates, etc. Need a new tool built, we will build it for you.


Start with a blurb on CadMakers works with a wide range of manufacturers in the EV, aerospace, timber and façade spaces.

Engineering Designs


CATIA/DELMIA deployment and workflow implementation


Custom integrations

Software development as a service: custom integrations (.NET, JavaScript, SQL).

AI and robotics

Proprietary software development: CadMakers is currently developing software around AI and manufacturing.

Our Features

Risk and Value Based Assurance

Virtual Construction 3rd Party Reviews

Lean Construction and Prefabrication

Prefabrication enablement for multiple building systems

Process Simulation and Work Instructions

Detailed Construction Simulations

Customized Software Solutions