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UBC Properties Trust

World's Tallest Mass Timber Building


UBC Properties Trust



  • Full Digital Twin Modelling
  • Assembly Sequence Simulation
  • CNC ready Mass Timber fabrication models
  • Prefabrication of Mechanical Room and Sanitary
  • Delivered 3 Months Ahead of Schedule
  • Most Innovative Building of the Year

UBC Brock Commons was the World’s Tallest Mass Timber Building standing at 51m over 18 stories. The CadMakers team was involved in the project from schematic design to construction until project close out creating fabrication models for the structural and MEP systems and highly detailed elements for all other building systems (architecture, fire protection, and temporary works).

CadMakers began their work starting from schematic design testing possible building massing and structural connection details with Fast & Epp as the structural engineers. From the initial sketches provided, we were able to coordinate and rationalize the concepts in a 3D digital mock up of an real life mock up. From the 3D mock up we were able to produce STEP files for CNC, as well as create a 4D simulation to validate the assembly sequence, areas of low installation clearance, and discrete procedures giving the installation team insight prior to mobilizing resources.

Upon receiving approval for the project from the provincial code authorities, we extrapolated the fabrication model to the full building scale developing a “Digital Twin”. The Digital Twin all building systems in addition to the 2 freestanding concrete cores that we aided the team to simulate and optimize in 34 steps, for 2 floors, over a 5 day cycle. In order to optimize for time we tried to incorporate prefabrication of mechanical and plumbing systems where it was efficient to do so (mechanical room and in suite sanitary gravity drainage) providing spool drawings, mechanical and plumbing layouts to center-lines ultimately aiding in the delivery of this project 3.5 months ahead of the anticipated schedule.

Digital Mockup

Swing Stage Simulation

Full Building Simulation

Digital Mockup

Swing Stage Simulation

Full Building Simulation

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David PoettckerDevelopment Manager - UBC Properties Trust

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