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AI based 1D nesting feature released to cmExe

Today we released our AI-based 1D and 1.5D (for miter cuts) nesting feature into cmExe! Starting from the requirements of our customers and working backward, this result is...

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Production tracking visualization

Introducing the product landing page

Today we are excited to launch the new landing page for cmExe, our real-time production management, collaboration & reporting system that integrates your supply chain, fabrication, logistics &...

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cmExe Enhanced Viewer Preview Mobile and Laptop

Announcing the enhanced 3D Production/BIM Model web-viewer in cmExe

As a fabricator, how do I visualize the real-time status of my Bill of Materials/WIP? Can I use the phone I have in my pocket? How can I...

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Innovating your way through a crisis – Introducing cmCore

As I sit and write this from my makeshift office in my bedroom, on April 19th, 2020, in the midst of a global health crisis and one of...

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