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Introducing the product landing page

Posted by: Javier Glatt

Today we are excited to launch the new landing page for cmExe, our real-time production management, collaboration & reporting system that integrates your supply chain, fabrication, logistics & installation in a single web-based hub. Along with being an entry point to login and take advantage of your subscription (click the Log In button on the top right to get directed to for direct access to your company space), this landing page will be the primary communication channel for all product announcements, news, events and a repository for all things lean manufacturing and digital construction.

We developed cmExe after working intimately with fabricators and subcontractors in the construction industry for more than half a decade. During that time, while providing services centering around advanced digital fabrication processes and automation, we realized there was a disconnect from the design to the production and tracking process. We learned that this process is largely managed via manual, labor intensive processes driven by paper birth certificates/travelers and an abundance of spreadsheets. cmExe was built to solve this problem by providing real-time status reporting, traceability and a user friendly user interface, while also leveraging best in class modern technology and advanced web-based development. cmExe is an end-to-end system that enables lean manufacturing and digital delivery within your organization.

cmExe is built to digitize the entire production process, in a user-friendly web based system that supplied information for operators to do their work and recorded their progress accordingly. The first slide of the website demonstrates how cmExe creates a single digital layer at the enterprise level, enabling real time production tracking at every part of the process by creating and allowing for scanning of a QR code, to track the process from end to end and allow for real-time updates of the dashboard or 3D model through inviting your client directly into the project space via the cloud.

Please take a minute to click the watch video button on the top of the landing page that will take you to the cmExe explainer video describing the challenges in communication and tracking that most fabricators in the construction industry faces by using paper part travelers, certificates, and/or spreadsheets.

With the launch of the new website we will be occasionally posting product updates, case studies, and new insights on our cmExe blog that can be viewed by clicking the “News” button at the bottom of the page.

The future of project delivery for fabricators in the AEC industry is digital and centred around customer experience! Visit our new website to learn more about how we are reducing labor costs, schedule delays, and miscommunication for building component fabricators and companies manufacturing for the construction industry.

We would love to hear your feedback, send us your comments today! Much more to come!

Finny Exeeson – cmExe Product Owner

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